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New Equipment - Opti® 3000 System

Opti® 3000 System

For medium throughput requirement, the Opti® 3000 is the ideal system. The Opti® 3000 Shrink Packaging System can package up to 12 packs per minute in an integrated wrapper tunnel design. The Opti® 3000 is equipped with an "intelligent" ondemand tunnel that only activates as products enter, resulting in significant energy savings. The nine dot logo and OPTI® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sealed Air Corporation (US).

Opti® 3000 Series

Combined L-sealer and tunnel unit for small to medium output applications
Packaging speeds up to twelve packs per minute
Transparent hood tunnel
Seal dimensions 16.54" x 21.65"
"Intelligent" tunnel minimizes energy consumption