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New Equipment - Clamco - 7000 Series

Clamco 7000 Series

CLAMCO 7000 Series semi-automatic sleeve wrapper provides an economical means of packaging a product or a cluster of products in an open-ended envelope of shrink film. Benefits include reduction of packing costs, product identification, increased packing speed, reduced pilferage and reduced packing material storage. The operator feeds the product into the curtain of film by hand, then actuates two push buttons starting the sealing cycle. Pneumatically operated jaw lowers, sealing and cutting the film. As the jaw returns, the automatic discharge conveyor removes the package. The operator then repeats the operation. The start buttons will ensure that hands are well clear of the closing seal bar. In addition, a pressure switch is also included which will cause the bar to reverse its motion if obstructed. The impulse heating system provides heat only when the bar is closed.

Electrical Requirements:

230/volt 15 amp single phase

Air Requirements:

4 CFM at 65 psi

Shipping Weight:

Approx. 500 lbs.