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New Equipment - Beseler - Tunnels

Beseler Tunnels


Sizes range from 16" x 7" x 28" to 30" x 26" x 54"
Digital P.I.D.temp controller
High speed blower
Heated air to all sides of product
Optimal air recirculation
Adjustable air flow dampers
Long life cal-rod heaters
Variable high speed conveyor
Teflon coated no maintenance mesh belt
Heavy insulation for optimum efficiency
Adjustable conveyor height
Standard console models
Durable electro-static powder coated finish
Variable velocity (some models)
Electronics cooling feature
Auto cool down circuit
Overheat protection

Extended Height Tunnel added Features:

Raised height 19", 26", 31" tall chambers
Up to 24,000 watts of available heat
Excellent for tall products
Mates well with bundler/sleeve-wrappers
Poly fan kit available

Specs subject to change without notice.