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New Equipment - Clamco - 770 Series: Semi-Automatic L-Sealers

Clamco 770 Series

The 770 Series L Sealers offer an outstanding package of standard features and are available in a wide variety of seal area sizes and option packages for effective selection of the best shrink packaging machinery for the job intended. With the 770 Series you can truly achieve maximum cost effectiveness in the purchase of your shrink packaging system.

Standard Features:

Microprocessor controlled heat cycle with temperature compensation
Film burn off control
Height adjustable seal head with film clamps
Adjustable package tray
Adjustable seal pads
Pin wheel perforator or impulse hole punch
Designed to seal most polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC shrink films
Seal area sizes from 15" x 15" up to 30" x 48"
Unitized film separator tray and film cradle with adjustable brake
One year limited warranty
Operates on 120V up to 30" x 36" sealing area, larger operate on 220V, single phase

Optional Features:

Heavy duty console stand with casters and levelers
Magnetic hold down, featuring two (or more) adjustable magnets
Power take away conveyor
Scrap take up wheel
Electrical hole punch

Other Features:

Intermediate production level machinery
Heavy gauge steel construction
Made in USA
Export wiring available Some photos may show accessories not part of basic