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Rebuilt Equipment

Rebuild Equipment

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M1 Combo Clamco Sealer: 120 PTA                   Tunnel: 120 Sealer: 15484                               Tunnel: 5358 New Sealer:110v/10a       Tunnel: 110v/20a $5,900.00 Seal area: 15Wx20L                                   Chamber: 18Wx8Hx20L
M2 Combo Clamco Sealer: 120 PTA                   Tunnel: 120 Sealer: 15496                               Tunnel: 5365 New Sealer:110v/10a       Tunnel: 110v/20a $5,900.00 Seal area: 15Wx20L                                   Chamber: 18Wx8Hx20L
M3 Combo Belco STC2016 12401EE New 208v/35a $12,050.00 Seal area: 16Wx20L with mulit perf      Chamber: 19Wx11Hx24L w/ Window
M4 Combo Beseler 1913                          T-14-8 10341409                        10341372           Rebuilt 115v/20a                115v/25a $3,900.00 Seal area: 19Wx13L                                 Chamber: 14Wx8Hx28L
M5 Combo APS L-1417   Rebuilt 115v/15a $500.00 Seal and Shrink: 14Wx17L
M6 Sealer Beseler 1913GSM 683434 Rebuilt 115v/20a $1,400.00 Seal area: 19Wx13L
M7 Sealer Beseler 1913GSM 08910700 Rebuilt 115v/20a $1,400.00 Seal area: 19Wx13L
M8 Sealer Conflex E-250 2504030 Rebuilt 220v/5a $15,000.00 Seal area: 22Wx18L
M9 Sealer Weldotron 5202A GF20852 Rebuilt 220v/30a $4,500.00 Seal area: 27Wx19L
M10 Sealer Weldotron 5241 JM92652 Rebuilt 230v/40a $2,800.00 Seal area: 17Wx20L
M11 Sealer Weldotron 5201A-P B178652 Rebuilt 230v/25a $3,500.00 Seal area: 19Wx15L
M12 Sealer Weldotron 5201 CX55452 Rebuilt 220v/25a $4,500.00 Seal area: 20Wx15L
M13 Sealer Sergeant 1620 C Simp 038098 Rebuilt 120v/16a $2,450.00 Seal area: 16Wx20L
M14 Sealer Sergeant 1620A Simp 036037 Rebuilt 120v/14a $1,700.00 Seal area: 16Wx20L
M15 Sealer Sergeant 1620 STDY HT 028034 Rebuilt 120v/5a $1,675.00 Seal area: 16Wx20L
M16 Sealer Shanklin S-3CL S8276 Rebuilt 115v/20a $6,800.00 Seal area: 14Wx18L
M17 Sealer Shanklin S-24C S9565 Rebuilt   $10,200.00 Seal area: 20Wx32L
M18 Sealer Clamco 6500B1 6B4067 Rebuilt 120v/20a $16,500.00 Seal area: 18Wx21L
M19 Sealer Belco ILS 2016 12200FD New 115v/15a $5,845.00 Seal area: 16Wx20L with mulit perf
M20 Sealer Texwrap 2219 02171 New 208v/20a $32,500.00 Seal area: 22Wx18L
M21 Sealer Heat Seal HDS-2030 L1A15141 Rebuilt 115v/20 $6,500.00 Seal area: 20Wx30L
M22 Tunnel Heat Seal T3422/14-TMB 1KA15142 Rebuilt 220v/36 $5,500.00 Chamber: 14 1/2Hx22Wx34L
M23 Tunnel Belco ST2210 10001 Rebuilt 208v/45a/3Ø $7,800.00 Chamber: 12Hx22Wx48L
M24 Tunnel Belco ST2210 9646 Rebuilt 240v/40a/3Ø $7,800.00 Chamber: 12Hx22Wx48L
M25 Tunnel Belco ST2210 8788 Rebuilt 240v/35a/3Ø $7,800.00 Chamber: 12Hx22Wx48L
M26 Tunnel Beseler T-14-8 199915 Rebuilt 115v/25a $1,800.00 Chamber: 14Wx8Hx28L
M27 Tunnel Beseler T-15-9D 385253 Rebuilt 220v/50a $3,300.00 Chamber: 52Lx15Wx9H
M28 Tunnel Beseler T-15-9 1176973 Rebuilt 220v/50a $3,300.00 Chamber: 52Lx15Wx9H
M29 Tunnel Beseler T-15-9 0876601 Rebuilt 220v/50a $3,300.00 Chamber: 52Lx15Wx9H
M30 Tunnel Beseler T-20-9-3PH 1176974 Rebuilt 220v/50a/3Ø $3,600.00 Chamber: 20Wx9Hx52L
M31 Tunnel Clamco 6514   Rebuilt 220v/34a $2,500.00 Chamber: 14Wx9Hx38L
M32 Tunnel Eastey Ett1612 0401612TTLMB Rebuilt 220v/50a/3Ø $8,500.00 Chamber: 22Wx15Hx42L
M33 Tunnel Heat Seal T-234S BKA0331 Rebuilt 220v/33a $4,300.00 Chamber: 21Wx9Hx34L
M34 Tunnel Shanklin T-6XL T95233 Rebuilt 220v/35a $6,500.00 Chamber: 18Wx12Hx30L
M35 Tunnel Weldotron 7121 JN37972 Rebuilt 220v/42a/3Ø $3,200.00 Chamber: 46Lx22Wx8H
M36 Tunnel Weldotron 7221 HQ96172 Rebuilt 220v/42a/3Ø $3,800.00 Chamber: 46Lx22Wx8H
M37 Tunnel Weldotron 7222A EO50772 Rebuilt 220v/44a/3Ø $3,900.00 Chamber: 22Wx8Hx46L
M38 Tunnel Weldotron 7121 FW94871 Rebuilt 220v/35a $3,700.00 Chamber: 50Lx16Wx8h
M39 Tunnel Weldotron 7221 BV84472 Rebuilt 220v/44a/3Ø $4,100.00 Chamber:22Wx8Hx46L
M40 Tunnel Weldotron 7121 GG28271 Rebuilt 230v/33a $2,500.00 Chamber: 16Wx8Hx50L
M41 Tunnel Sergeant AH3624-BC 37531 Rebuilt 220v/23a $3,750.00 Chamber: 24Wx36Lx6.5-10.5H
M42 Drop Sealer Save-O-Seal Mark V 14" 300-2000-12-06-138 New 115v/5a $3,290.00 Seal Area" 14"Wx33"L
M43 Drop Sealer Save-O-Seal Mini-Mark 10" 300-3000-12-06-104 New 115v/5a $2,670.00 Seal Area: 10"Wx12"L
M44 Stretchwrapper Robopack Jolly KN/079223 New 120v/8.5a $6,250.00  
M45 Stretchwrapper Robopack Robot PFS KN/083440 New 110v/6.4a $13,995.00  
M46 Stretchwrapper Robopack Compacta 400M KN/081402 New 110v/12a $9,475.00  
M47 Header Machine Belco Maxx 5 12402EE New 115v/15a $16,950.00  
M48 Carton Sealer 3M A20 50148 New 115v/2.8a $4,650.00  
M49 Carton Sealer 3M 200A/3" 50002 New 115v/1.9a